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The shared web site hosting merchandisers truly vary from one another. Albeit having been in the CLOUD hosting market for quite a while, not many website hosting solution marketers ensure numerous data center facility location choices for their invaluable customers. Despite its inconsiderable dimensions, 'Niveda Advertising -Website, Hosting and Advertising services' provides 4 exciting data center facility places: the USA, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia. You can request domain-only user accounts or shared web hosting packages in all of the stipulated server farm facilities. The more cutting-edge semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting are available only in the American datacenter.

Plan Features Hosting Semi-Dedicated Dedicated Servers
Monthly Cost
Server Space Unlimited Unlimited 240 GB
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited 10 TB
CPU Usage 5% 100% 100%
MySQL v.5 DBs 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Hostnames 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Boxes 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Root Access
Secure Shell Optional
Single-click Web App Installer 2
Hepsia Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel

CPU Usage 1 - The CPU allowance is contingent on the concrete virtual web hosting server package.

Single-click Web App Installer 2 - Getatable exclusively with the Hepsia Control Panel.